Welcome to Practically Swedish

We are an importer of gift items from Sweden and other Scandinavian countries.

If you are a retailer please feel free to visit us at our Minneapolis Mart showroom located at 10301 Bren Road West, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55343 - Blue Gallery, Room 103.

2017 – Sample Sale: Mondays from October 30 – November 13, and weekend of November 17-19

The 2018 Minneapolis Mart shows & open days are: January 19-23, March 9-13, April 22-24, June 24-26, August 3-7, September 30-Oct 2. Showroom opens at 9 AM.

We are also available by appointment, feel free to contact us.

Email at marie.louise.palm@icloud.com or call 612-729-1447.